Monday, October 20, 2014

Launch Message

We are very excited to announce the soft launch of iHeartVolunteers, a dating site for people who volunteer! Join our community of like-minded people.

For all single individuals who have or who currently volunteer, we are offering our limited time launch exclusive , a free one year subscription! Why are we offering free subscriptions you ask? Well, let’s be real, who wants to be the first to sign up for a dating site? Free subscriptions will grow our community and create more opportunities for our members to make a real connection. It’s the least we can do for those who believe in our site and join our community from the start. If a free membership isn’t enough here are five reasons you’re going to love iHeartVolunteers...
  1. We have a community of like minded people who share similar interests. 
  2. We verify that our members are, in fact, volunteers through a simple screening process. 
  3. Our subscriptions are free for volunteers currently in a long-term immersive program.
  4. We donate 10 percent of profits to our members volunteer projects/organization.
  5. We promote volunteerism, which is awesome!
We invite you to check out our site & click the "Sign Up Now" button!

Do good, together!

Shelly & Chris Zenner
Co-Founders and fellow volunteers

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