Friday, October 17, 2014

iHeartVolunteers Introduction

Welcome to the iHeartVolunteers Blog! I am Chris Zenner Co-Founder of iHeartVolunteers, the dating site for volunteers. As a niche online dating site, our blog will focus on a variety of topics including online dating, volunteering, health and wellness, and community engagement. Our goal is to connect like-minded individuals, help in creating lasting relationships, encourage volunteerism, and have fun.

For those of you who do not know, my wife Shelly and I came up with the idea for iHeartVolunteers after hanging out with some of our single volunteer friends. A friend expressed that she was having a hard time finding people to relate to; the guys she had met did not share the same ideals and were not remotely interested in volunteering. Shelly immediately quipped, "we'll make a volunteer dating website!". So here we are, making it happen.

We did not want to create just another dating site; we wanted to create a socially responsible company that encouraged community involvement and supported its members. We will do this by:

  • Verifying volunteer service
  • Encouraging volunteerism
  • Giving 10% of profits back to member volunteer projects or organizations 
  • Offering support to non-profits and the community

Our main purpose for verifying volunteer experience is to create a community of wonderful people. The major reason people volunteer is to give back and improve the lives of others and the communities in which they live.  By creating a network of single volunteers we are getting, what we feel, are the best kind of people.

It is pretty common knowledge that one of the pitfalls of online dating is the "creeper" factor. The shady people that are not looking for a relationship or who misrepresent themselves. Part of the purpose for the volunteer verification is discouraging "creepers", this will not necessarily eliminate "creepers" but it will make it harder for them to join.

Did we mention that we will be giving back to our members? Ten percent of our profits will be available annually to our members volunteer projects. We have a grant process in place for our members to apply and support their cause/project/organization.

We at iHeartVolunteers are committed to having a socially responsible company, committed to its members, and to continuous improvement. We pledge to do our best to give our members the best online dating experience possible. Check us out, click here and sign up as a guest user for free!

Do good, together!

Chris C. Zenner

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